Respect | Malaika Lepine

Respect | Malaika Lepine 1

Malaika Lepine

Meet Malaika Lepine, MPR Consulting CEO. “A journey of a thousand sites, begins with a simple click”.

Born in Canada, raised between Europe and Africa, Malaika’s considers herself a citizen of the world. As the daughter of a diplomat, her home was never deep rooted, so she found solace in her constant companion…. Music!

Her love affair with reggae stems from a vivid childhood memory while based in Congo, when her aunts were vibing to a Peter Tosh vinyl record. The sound, the words, the tone and the feeling emitted by Reggae music connected to her soul and has remained forever embedded in her soul. After a traditional education, and without hesitation, Malaika immersed herself in music, from interning at a Caribbean radio station, to grueling and countless hours in the sun covering stage shows, performances and more, she loved to pay her dues to a music she respected. After various stints in all facets of the business, it is in 2010 that she officially launched MPR Consulting.

A public relation firm, MPR Consulting team’s mission is to bring their client’s name and/or project to both fans and media outlets. “To put it in a nutshell, It is our job to get writers, editors, e-magazine, blogs, websites, promoters, radio, television, to learn who and what you are and (hopefully) have them write about you.”

Our diverse client roster names our work with CTBC Music Group as the campaign resulted in Morgan Heritage’s album Strictly Roots winning of 2016 Best Reggae Album, Universal Canada, Former professional athlete turned singer Omari Banks, Billboard charting star Etana, Island Records, Roots Rock Reggae band EarthKry, Digital giants 21st Hapilos Digital, Raging Fyah, Grammy nominee of 2017 Best Reggae Album, International Reggae Star I-Octane, VP Records and more.

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