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Respect | Lady Flame 1

Lady Flame

People say, “Big Things Come In Small Packages!” and that couldn’t be more true when referring to ‘Da’ Flame’ (a.k.a Lady flame) Marjorie Reid.

Writer, composer, musician, singer and songwriter, Da’ Flame has captivated the hearts, ears, and minds of many reggae, Hip-hop, and R & B fans with her fusion tapping into her Jamaican heritage and urban sounds of Washington D.C.

The winner of DC’s Annual Reggae Music Awards for “best female performer”, Da’ Flame has perfected her craft with worldwide performances and a discography that lists a rich music collection. But it is her anticipated 2018 EP that her fans eager, as she promises to deliver her soul on a CD.

Appearing on numerous forms of media, “Da’ Flame” is destined to shine and be heard. “Hearing people say they love my music and the way I perform is a reward in itself. My main goal is to unify all different types of races, ethnic groups, and cultures with my music.
Seeing people enjoying my music shows me that I am definitely doing something right. If my love for music can recruit another and the messages that I bring can comfort another heart then I am very happy. Music is my life!” says Da’ Flame.

Approaching many different genres of music such as Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, Lover’s Rock, Dancehall Reggae, and Soul just to name a few, “Da’ Flame” is determined and destined to succeed. So watch out world, prepare to be thrilled and amazed!!!!!! Here Comes DA’ FLAME “HOT IT UP”!!!!!!

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