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Vibes Overflow

There is much more to Irie Don than a first glance of the artist might reveal. Born Elroi Schreiber (1991) in Cologne Germany, the son of a German mother and an Israeli father, Elroi was interested in Reggae, the British- Jamaican mix-culture with the heavy bass lines and the Irie vibes. Bob Marley, Max Romeo, Peter Tosh, Ken Boothe, etc. had become his daily companions and the sound of Reggae/ Dub/ Dancehall triggered his love for the genre.

His deep interest in reggae and a hunger to understand the words and culture of the music sent him traveling to Jamaica for two months after his graduation. Equipped with his inner compass Elroi inherited the lifestyle of the island. A whole month in Kingston was really helpful to understand this cultural melting-pot and the Rastafari belief, to totally falling in love with it and adopting their ways as his own. It was this dedication that led him to some life long friendships on the island.

Vibes Overflow

IRIE™ | Irie Don - Vibes Overflow

Release Date: June 20, 2020
Label: recordJet
Copyright: 2020 Schreibersound
Total Length: 02:30
Total Tracks: 1
Format: Single
Genre: Reggae

Shortly after he returned to Germany he was invited by ‘Omar Johnson’ (Jallanzo), (multi-instrumentalist, producer, audio engineer, composer for ‘Dubtonic Kru’), to work as an audio engineer assistant and learn the craft. For the next 6 months, Max Romeo’s ‘Red Ark’ recording studio in Jamaica, become Elrois playground on which he co-produced 2 albums for Max Romeo’s children ‘Xana Romeo’, ‘Azizzi Romeo’ and ‘Romax Romeo’, together with ‘Jallanzo’ (musician) and ‘Calvin Bennion’ (audio engineer). Elroi was not the same when he returned. Patois had become like a mother-tongue for him and his further path was clearly defined. Irie Don was born and the vision to be an authentic Reggae/ Dancehall singer was now way more than just a juvenile idea.

In January 2018, he recorded his debut EP, ‘ID’, and shot a video for the song, ‘Phenomenal’. ‘ID’ was a statement that showed one part of Irie Don’s position and identity. His latest release, ‘Vibes Overflow’, demonstrates his audio engineering skills to produce songs that reflect his deep knowledge of reggae.


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