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I am a father, a unified soul, a free spirit, an artist (musically speaking). Where am I from… Jah Earth. Don’t try to separate me for I’m already unified within Rastafari. I live to love, and I truly love to live. So upful words are my daily utterances. A good friend to have that I am, and for no sense enemies, I am prayful. As Jah Seh, do good in secret and he shall bless you openly… Selah… Shalom!”

Johnny Graham a.k.a. FYAWORKS, the Alkebulan Defender, a culture sing-jay artist raised in Brooklyn, New York. Born in the month of September, his original voice truly puts him in a class by himself, and his determination and love for reggae music is evident. He professes his I-verlasting love for Jah Rastafari through his music and singing royal songs for the Empresses.

His talents doesn’t stop there. Apart from singing foundation reggae music, he is also able to sing reggae in spanish. Fyaworks is currently producing tracks for his own label, Jahnasia Records, on which his forthcoming ep and album shall be released in 2018.

“So incline your ears, and listen to some groovy and melodic sounds. No separation, One Nation… Alkebulan. Holy Emmanuel I, Selahssie I, Jah Rastafari.. Hail Marcus, Give thanks for Mennen… Selah!”

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