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Dread Radio

This was the notion conceptualized by top Trini Reggae Dj’s – the Lion Twins – which subsequently prompted the establishment of Dread Radio.

In 2016, the Lion Twins embarked on a career changing move, and decided to switch their focus, dedicating their energy exclusively to Reggae music. The brothers believe the power of message in Reggae and in the strength and influence it has on the people.

Dread Radio is an online radio station established in April 2016 by the Lion Twins. The objective is to bring Roots and Reggae music to audiences across the globe 24/7. The station broadcasts live sessions daily, which encompass both the old school hits as well as a mass of new music and new upcoming artistes.

Dread Radio is easily accessible from the Dread Movement website ( or search ‘Dread Radio’ on the Tunein Radio app. You can also follow Dread Radio @dread_radio on Instagram and on Facebook @DreadRadioWorld.

The Lion Twins released a new single this month featuring Black Loyalty (Mama Africa) and will be releasing a new riddim production entitled ‘Armageddon Riddim’. It features artiste such as Isasha, Chicago based female singer Princess Kazayah, Black Loyalty, Jah-Z Blaze & Jahllano. Look out for more productions from the Lion Twins featuring Israel Star, Buzzrock & Jamelody to name a few. Maaad Respect!