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Irie Magazine - September 2015 - Chainska Brassika

Chainska Brassika

They’re back!! Our favorite ska-fuelled, reggae and dub band from South East, London have a new single out and a big victory to celebrate from the World Reggae Contest held in Ostróda, Poland.

Back in April 11, 2015, Ostroda Reggae Festival, which celebrated its 15 anniversary, kicked off their World Reggae Contest, inviting artists from around the world to participate. In the past, the contest was only open to young Polish reggae bands. This year, the World Reggae Contest was open to bands playing reggae and subgenres (ska, rocksteady, dub, dancehall) from all corners of Earth. The idea of the contest was to provide wider exposure, free promotion and valuable experience for interesting artists. The finals of the competition eventually took place at the main Red Stage of Ostróda Reggae Festival in Ostróda, Poland, on August 8th, 2015 where Chainska Brassika (UK) beat out 4 other finalists (Dubska – Poland, Nova Raiz – Brasil, Shanty – UK and The Banyans – France) to take home the grand prize.

For their achievements, the band received five recording days at the legendary Harry J Recording Studio, in Kingston, Jamaica including airfare to JA and 3000 Euros as a cash award. For those of you who aren’t fluent in Reggae history, Harry J Studio is where Bob Marley & The Wailers recorded some of their albums in the 1970’s. The studio was also a ‘must stop’ hangout of many British and other musicians including the Rolling Stones, The Who, and Grace Jones. In addition, Chris Blackwell, founder of Island Records, could be found hanging out in the sound room prior to moving to England in the early 1970s.

Two weeks after their win, Chainska Brassika released ‘Knowledge Is King,’ their second single from their upcoming album, ‘Skinna’ (named after their music teacher and mentor), which they’re currently working on with Nick Manasseh at ‘The Yard’ under the Westway flyover. Driven by irresistibly catchy horns, typical of ‘the rising stars of the London ska scene’ (Richie Cadence, efestivals), Chainska Brassika explore an existence where ‘feeling is knowing and knowledge is king’, taking you closer to the ‘Place You’d Rather Be’, where you can find these young lads dancing from dusk til dawn.

While Chainska Brassika have been setting stages on fire (not, quite, literally) at festivals all over the UK this summer, and finishing their debut album, the drummer, Seth, has also managed to find time to create a graphic animation for the new single which debut right here on IRIE TV!

Look for Chainska Brassika’s debut album ‘Skinna’ on Nov 21, 2015. Until then, we invite you to add ‘Knowledge is King’ to your music playlist and turn it up, Mon!

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