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Jungleman Sam


Meet JungleManSam … a new breed of musician. Be it solo or backed by a full band, JungleManSam’s dynamic sound can be described as a blend of pop, dance, and world music that incorporates elements of Dancehall, Soca, Reggaeton, and Hip Hop.

Growing up in the city of Toronto and playing music since early childhood, JungleManSam credits his influences to major recording artists such as Major Lazer, Machel Montano, Sean Paul, and of course the legendary Robert Nesta Marley.

Profoundly inspired by his personal adventures throughout Latin America, JungleManSam has crafted a collection of songs that capture both the energy and mystery of the exotic locations he visited during his travels. As a songwriter, JungleManSam strives inspire a sense of wanderlust, taking his listeners “there” by sharing the cultural flavors of the places he has been and the stories of the people he meets. Through the power of technology, an open heart, and the grassroots movements that are reclaiming original and authentic music, JMS is a refreshing infusion of passion, soul, pop, and talent that captivates the heart of his audiences.

His Own Words

Imagine a music project with full integrated life experience. Lots of artists go on tour and post pictures of dressing rooms, hotel rooms, tour buses. The world is opening up so much further beyond that, and the people are wanting more. Modern technology makes access to life experience more real than ever. And the power of sharing makes adventures easy to carry out.

I’ve been playing music since I was 9. I’ve played hundreds of gigs of all sizes. I’ve always dreamt of playing for huge crowds under my own name, and I’ve always known that I will. But the road won’t be easy. Money, industry, and politics make the life of a mainstream artist cluttered with distractions. Not that I want everything handed to me on a plate, I love working for success, I just feel like there’s so much more life to live than that. Since travelling Latin America I’ve fallen in love with the life of a traveller and the grassroots movements that are becoming so easy to share through social media tools. I’ve since been wondering if I can bring both worlds together. My love of pop music with my love of wilderness and the stories that come from being in an unfamiliar place. I now know and believe that I can do it with technology, and the power of sharing with an open heart.

– JungleManSam