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A Device for a Better life

For CDx Life, MyDx is about a lifestyle called Live Pure. Living Pure is simply about being able to trust and verify what you and your family are taking into your bodies. Whether you’re a mom concerned about what’s in your kids’ food, a traveler concerned about the local water quality, or a Cannabis patient that wants to find a strain that works for you, MyDx will be able to help put your mind at ease about the purity of what you eat, drink, and inhale.

MyDx™ is a portable analyzer that leverages over 2 generations of patented technology developed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and put to practical use by NASA. MyDx is engineered to act as an electronic nose that is able to detect molecules in vapor. When a sample is placed in the testing chamber of the MyDx, the sample will be analyzed using our gas flow over-the-sensor system that supports the chemical release process and exposes the chemicals that are present.

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MyDx, Inc. (OTCQB:MYDX) is a chemical detection and sensor technology company based in San Diego, California whose mission is to help people Trust & Verify® what they put into their minds and bodies. The Company developed MyDx®, a patented, affordable portable analyzer that provides real-time chemical analysis and fits in the palm of the user’s hand. The multi-use MyDx analyzer leverages over a decade of established chemical detection technology to measure chemicals of interest. The Company owns a substantial and growing intellectual property portfolio of patents covering its technology. The MyDx CannaDxTM, AquaDxTM and OrganaDxTM sensors are now commercialized, and the AeroDxTM application is next in line. All Sensors will be compatible with a MyDx App that empowers consumers to test the chemical composition of what they eat, drink and inhale. For more information, please visit





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