Firefly 2


Irie™ Guide Winter 2016 - #01



Welcome to first class.

Meet the Firefly 2 – a vaporizer that will delight both connoisseurs and new adopters alike with a deeply satisfying and practically effortless experience.

Firefly 2 reaches 400° F in 3 seconds at the touch of your fingertips. Its completely unique “dynamic convection” heating technology uses 55 laser-drilled micro jets of superheated air to deliver rich, thick vapor on demand. Because the contents are only heated during inhalation, users enjoy all the flavors and active ingredients of their favorite plants or concentrates the very moment they are released.

Made from aerospace-grade materials, it’s 55% lighter and 33% smaller than it’s predecessor. It offers a suite of innovative features that establish a new gold standard in the category, including:

  • borosilicate glass vapor path
  • capacitive touch activation
  • easylift magnetic lid
  • removable mouthpiece with particulate filter
  • quick-charge high efficiency batteries
  • convenient USB charging dock
  • free iOS or Android app that lets users select from 6 different pre-set temperatures

What continues to set the Firefly 2 apart from its competition is the sheer delight and integrity of the experience. The design is purposeful yet discreet. The high quality of construction is unmistakable in both appearance and feel. The magical glow is immediately responsive and comes directly from the heating element itself.

The Firefly 2 features a Quicksilver finish with five different color lids and retails for $329.95

Irie™ Guide | Cannabis - Firefly 2

Mark Williams and Sasha Robinson founded Firefly in 2012 with the singular goal of enhancing people’s lives by creating the very best vaporizer in the world. The met through the auspices of the Burning Man festival, which reflects their core values of open mindedness, artistic expression, self-determination, community creation, and shared contribution.

Williams is an inventor, designer and entrepreneur who has been in positions of design leadership for over 20 years. He received his best career advice from Steve Jobs when he was at Apple: to “Build the best thing you possibly can!” Mark has directed and built design teams for many Silicon Valley companies, most recently at Apple for Mac OS X. Mark received a BFA in Industrial Design from the University of Notre Dame and an MS in Human-Computer Interaction from San Jose State University in California.

With a passion for building and innovation, Robinson combined his deep knowledge of hardware and software with the worlds of industrial design and user experience. Over the years he has consulted for companies such as Juniper Networks, Cisco, Panasonic, Microsoft, Nike and LG, mastering the finest details of product development from conception to implementation. Sasha received a BS in Computer Science from Brown University.