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Spring 2018



Roots, Reggae and Dub music on top quality vinyl

It all started very naturally. Jaszol from Polish Roots Revival Soundsystem, at the time living in Leicester, UK got together with Mamba Di Lion from Danish Most High Warrior Soundsystem living in Odense, Denmark. Both of them had the idea of independent record label growing in their heads for quite a long time.

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If you are a part of European Soundsystem scene or collecting records sooner or later you find so much unreleased / rare music that you feel it would be just silly not to share with the world. Of course there’s lots of exclusivity issues and there are people hiding beautiful musical gems only for themselves or just to play it once in a while, but we wanted to spread the music as much as possible.

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Our label came about in early 2015 with first releases being Tracks & Dubs featuring Paul Fox on 7” and a 10” produced by Dub Akom band from southern France with Johnny Osbourne, Jah Marnyah and Ijah Salomon. About a year later we teamed up with friends of ours Tom and Ania living in London, UK specialising in collecting and re-selling second-hand reggae records.

We always knew that the best way to control sales of your own records and be fully independent as a label is to distribute and sell them yourself so the idea of a proper shop was there since the first record was released. After few weeks of preparation our joint label / record shop website was ready and here we are today: running fully independent record label with 7 titles released and a shop with over 1000 carefully selected second hand and brand new reggae records. Our basic idea remains the same same – to spread the best roots reggae dub music on vinyl worldwide!



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Tribe 84 Records

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