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Spring 2018



Indie Artist Industry Tips

Every day we’re bombarded with content in our various feeds that we’re constantly scrolling through. If there is one act I do daily, without fail “its scroll”. Sigh #digitalagecurse – while we can all agree that ‘Content is Queen’, most of it just all blends together.

Unless you’re giving away One Million Dollars to random people in the streets or you’re perched in a palm tree with your puffy coat and “corn on the cob on a stick”; it feels hard to stand out amongst the crowd.

Irie™ Guide | Academy - Ashley Hyde - Touch the Road

Even so, as an artist, you should always be thinking about great visual content when releasing music. Today, every time you, your team or any outlet promotes your music; this act of promoting “listening” is always accompanied by some form of “seeing”.

Irie™ Guide | Academy - Touch the Road

As streaming radio takes over and news continues to come from our peers & outlets via social media – your single cover art, your music video, your freestyle video, your lyric video, your dance video, any visual associated with your music has never been more important. And it is an opportunity to further engage and draw in your fans!

So specifically since I’m in Jamaica working with Jamaican artists, these suggestions apply to us – but I think all indie artists whether you’re in Kingston or anywhere in the world, should keep these fundamentals in mind when producing quick, affordable, engaging content to accompany your music!

Touch the Road (TTR) has put together a series of tips to help you on your musical journey as an indie artist. We present the first tip:

Tip #1 – Set Your Foundation – Be Unique – Put Out Quality Music

Tip #1


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