The Hague Reggae All Stars


Stop That Train

Sound & Vision:
Filmed at: Reggae Bomb, Pip Den Haag, Zeeheldenfestival Den Haag 2015 , HPC Winterfest 2016
Shop Art Work:: Jos Brinkmans
Art Work:

New track “Stop That Train” by The Hague Reggae All Stars & Dreada Triplet featuring Ronny Rootz & Apache Nes One, The Jericho Horns, King Size and many others…

From the forthcoming album: “Reggae Corner Stones” by The Hague Reggae Reggae All Stars recorded at with Chris “Killah” Muller & STiX Reggae @ the controls.

The first track from the forthcoming album “Reggae Corner Stones” is the song Stop That Train. Stop That Train was made famous in a Reggae version in the 80`s by Clint Eastwood and General Saint, in the early 70’s it was a Rocksteady hit by Keith & Tex. The riddim also appeared in the movie The Harder They Come in a toasted version called Draw Your Brakes by Scotty, in the sixties it was a Ska hit by The Spanishtonians.



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Stop That Train

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