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Of Good Nature is an indie rock-reggae five piece that was formed in Charlotte, NC in 2011 by front-man, guitarist Cameron Brown and drummer, percussionist Joey Vachon. Coming up in the thriving music scene in the Queen City has been vital to the band’s early success, as well as the blending of rich musical styles which transcends rock-reggae with healthy doses of funk, jam and rock n’ roll. It is not a stretch to say that Of Good Nature is fairly compared to festival headliners like Dave Matthews Band and Tauk as they are to rock-reggae stalwarts like 311 and Dirty Heads.

Their 2011 debut album, Just Add Water (which won Indie-Ville Reggae Album of the Year, Nashville) was recorded as a three piece, but founding members, Brown and Vachon, knew that the inclusion of trombone would add elements to their sound that would enable them to be more dynamic, both in writing and performing. Trombonist Brandon Hucks was welcomed to the band in 2013, to round out the lineup which already consisted of original members, Cameron Brown (lead vocals/guitar) and Joey Vachon (backup vocals/drums), along with Jon Reed (bass).The new addition of David Hamilton (drums) has given the group a professional, full sound that has been filling stages all over the United States.

In the time between the release of Just Add Water and their sophomore album Life Worth Livin, Of Good Nature hit the road, touring the length of the East Coast, developing an ever-expanding fan base, all the while writing the songs that would eventually end up making it onto their sophomore album. Introspective, thoughtful, and eloquent lyrics pierce through well arranged musicianship, exampled here in Life Worth Livin… “Freedom is a way of expression, but this world’s started to get a bit depressive. They trying to intercept the people’s written message, abuse the technology we invented. Satellites record, people on the floor, living their life while they take a little more. Raising up the prices so no one can afford, the rich stay rich, the people stay poor.”

On October 23rd 2015, Life Worth Livin debuted at #5 on the iTunes Top Reggae Album Chart. The band was featured in Irie Magazine : Cali Edition (Nov. 2015), scoring their own “Respect” multi-page write up; additionally, the title track was featured as The Pier’s “Mp3 Leak of the Week” and several songs from the album are being spun on some of the most prominent internet radio stations. Life Worth Livin has received widespread praise from Of Good Nature’s contemporaries, particularly Howi Spangler (Ballyhoo!) who had this to say about the title track single: “The intro guitar/bass riff has that 311-shuffle vibe that I like…I also like how the song goes more uptempo in the bridge,almost like a jam band. Then they bring it back down to finish it out. Nice to hear a solid American reggae rock song from an East Coast band.”

Of Good Nature has racked up an impressive touring resume in their brief history, having played mainstream festivals such as Shamrock Fest (Washington, DC) and sharing the stage with major acts such as Sublime with Rome, Common Kings, Dropkick Murphys, Tribal Seeds, Keller Williams, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, The Movement, The Supervillains, Ballyhoo!, Badfish, and many more.

The “Life Worth LIvin” OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO was shot in the swamps of Bonita Springs, FL and at The Sidney & Berne Davis Center in Fort Myers, FL. The video was produced by FiveOhFilms / www.SugarShackSessions.com.



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Life Worth Livin’

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