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In the Days of Dread

Format: Paperback, 224 pages
Publisher: Marksman Studios; 2 edition (December 11, 2003)
Genre: Fiction
Edition Language: English
ISBN-10: 1902934202
ISBN-13: 978-1902934204


On the streets of a future London, race hate gangs have been waging a bloody war for years. A united Africa and a struggling European Union have fuelled a dangerously twisted sense of patriotism amongst a desperate few.

In a city gone mad two people were searching for sanity amidst the confusion.

Yasmeen Beyene – a beautiful Rasta historian is facing a series of tragedies in her life that are more than mere misfortune.

Asim Marshal – Ex lieutenant of Special OP’S Africa, has returned from the bloody conflicts on the continent to rebuild a family he nearly destroyed.

They both meet at a family reunion and are inexplicably drawn to each other. But their relationship is to be tested to its core by a family history Yasmeen knows nothing about. A history that goes back to the formation of the Nation of Ras Tafari twenty-five years ago. An evil leader that wants to become the symbolic figurehead of Rasta worldwide – his ultimate destiny – and who craves Yasmeen’s blood to succeed.

He has killed relentlessly before and would do so again. Only Yasmeen’s determination to find the answers, Asim’s battle hardened skills and a long dead Rasta mystic can save them against a demagogue who will let nothing stand in his way.
War Inna Babylon!

Anton Marks grew up in Jamaica and was enamored by its characters, culture, history and swagger. He had no option but to write. He wanted to frighten, amaze, confound, arouse and thrill readers with an imagination fuelled by the island and his love of genre fiction and film. His first novel began a trend of bestsellers that would transport readers to the ghettoes of Kingston Jamaica in Dancehall, futuristic London – In the Days of Dread, government agents in – Bushman, the futuristic world of vice in – 69 and a supernatural thriller – Bad II the Bone. His next offering will be a young adult fantasy novel entitled – The Last Prince of Alkebulahn and the second in the Bad II the Bone series Good II Be Bad. Expect great things as the Marksman continues writing the most creative and exciting novels in the new Urban Fantastic genre.

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