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Zoe Mazah

On Top of the World

Zoe Mazah is back with a new IRIE track titled, ‘On Top of the World’. This unique track takes your soul on a beautiful journey.

On Top of the World is a song about two souls who experienced a lot and are still standing tall. It describes the two souls who are not willing to give in. Together, they are adventurers and explorers of inner and outta worlds. These two souls have each other’s back no matter what.

In this song, these two souls leave this earth cruising through space.

Inspired by the trust that they have in each other, they leave without any fear. These two souls could also be best friends, not necessarily a couple.

On Top of the World is the story of two brave souls on their way exploring new shores while looking in the same direction. On Top of the World is a Soul Rebel Love Song.

IRIE™ | Zoe Mazah - On Top of the World

Zoe Mazah
On Top of the World

Release Date: October 22, 2021

Zoe Mazah writes soul-infused reggae songs of big and small emotions close to her thoughts and feels. Her lyrics are uplifting and powerful enough to touch the heart. Her music meshes fat beats, pumping basslines, and the sweet skanks of reggae guitars seducing and inviting her fans to daydream and relax. Zoe Mazah mixes her African and European heritage with Roots-Reggae vibes and powerful sounds of Nu-Soul and Dub.

Look for Zoe Mazah in her next journey in the upcoming animated music video series, Stonefrenge, by multi-artist ZOOLOOK.

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