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IRIE™ Releases - June 2018 featuring Freddy Locks


July 2018

Welcome to our July 2018 edition of IRIE Releases. This month’s edition is a special takeover issue featuring HONEST MUSIC and their latest riddim release, ‘Communion Riddim’. Artists featured in this Riddim release include Christos DC, Don Carlos, Puma Ptah, Kenyatta Hill, Harrison Stafford, Dada Yute, Ras Attitude, Monsoon, Perfect Giddimani, SynchroShakti, Zafayah, Scotty P, Racquel Jones, Shadrach and Lenny Kurlou.

Communion Riddim, produced by Christos DC,  was recorded in Jamaica over 20 years ago, back in 1997 and features an unreleased Don Carlos tune “Oh Jah”. The album also includes Harrison Stafford (Groundation) Puma Ptah (Thievery Corporation), Perfect Giddimani, Ras Attitude, Dada Yute, Kenyatta Hill (Culture), Zafayah, Jamaican songstress Racquel Jones (Thievery Corporation) and various talented artists from around the world. 

The July 2018 edition of IRIE Releases also shines a spotlight on the International Reggae Poster Contest and its creators, Maria Papaefstathiou and Michael Thompson.

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