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IRIE™ Releases - February 2019 featuring Khxos & Royal Blu


February 2019

Welcome to our February 2019 edition of IRIE Releases. We celebrate Reggae month and Black history month with a new single release from Khxos featuring Royal Blu entitled ‘Jungle’, which is featured on the cover. Artist also featured this month include DADA I, Samora, Kingly T, Lt. Stitchie, Mc Norman, San Antones, Groundation, Kosmo Sound, Steffani Seven, Bobby Hustle + Jah Fabio & Little Harry + High Smile Hifi. Give thanks for supporting Reggae Music! Up!

Each month, we highlight new and upcoming albums, ep, singles, riddims and mixtapes from artists representing Reggae Music (and its subgenres) and World Music. We invite you to submit your new release today! Thank you for your support!

Give thanks for supporting Reggae Music! Respect!


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