IRIE | Reggae Magazine October 2020

Issue #07.10

ZOOLOOK releases its Halloween 2020 edition of IRIE™ featuring the reggae superheroes of IRIE, Nicholas (ZOOLOOK), Michelle and Rodney, on the cover. Team IRIE takes you behind the scene of Dread & Alive: Nine Night, the reggae graphic novel/music series from ZOOLOOK scheduled to release in February 2021.

In our RESPECT feature, we welcome reggae artists Lutan Fyah, Daman feat. Max Romeo, Kosmo Sound, Black Bird Hum, Flying Vipers, and Total Hip Replacement.

Our ROOTS feature introduces the antagonist of Dread & Alive, the Obeahman, Shadowcatcher, while our ROCK feature shines a spotlight on ComiXstand, an open community supporting indie comic creators worldwide created and developed by ZOOLOOK.

Our RELEASES feature introduces ZOOLOOK’s first track release from his Dread & Alive series, ‘TROD’, while our REWIND feature introduces Shanwayne Stephens (Sled Pilot) and Nimroy Turgott (Brakeman), members of the Jamaican Bobsleigh team.

As always, thank you for supporting Reggae music! Respect!

Happy Halloween from IRIE and Dread & Alive!


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