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ZOOLOOK today released its October 2019 edition of IRIE™ featuring featuring São Paulo, Brazil-based reggae band, Sensimilla Dub, on the cover! IRIE sits down with Neskau Magnarello to talk about the history of the band and their current work on a new studio album, ‘A NEW ERA’. Reggae artists also featured in the October 2019 edition of IRIE include Etana, Dub Inc, Kingly T, Samskara, Jamaican Jazz Orchestra, and Håle’.

Our ROOTS feature takes us back to October 17, 1989, 5:04 pm, when a 6.9 earthquake struck the Bay Area. IRIE founder and Editior-in-Chief, Nicholas Da Silva recounts the Loma Prieta earthquake 30 years Later. Our ROCK feature shines a spotlight on Sound Clash as recalled by legendary Selector, King Danny Dread.

The October 2019 edition of IRIE Releases features Giark’s ‘So Happy’ on the cover along with
Christos DC, Dub Inc, Kingly T, Samskara, Zennith, Håle’, Etana, Lizzo + Dubmatix, Jamaican Jazz Orchestra, Tenerife All Stars, and Meditation Dub featuring Blue Lava, Jah Pride, Jalifa, Isasha and Jah Mender.

For our ReelTV feature, IRIE presents an exclusive video premiere of Christos DC’s ‘Self Evident’!

As always, thank you for supporting Reggae music! Respect!


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IRIE™ Magazine | REGGAE - Sensimilla Dub

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