2017, July 2017 - Cali Reggae, Roots

Roots | Legalize It

Legalize It A History of Hemp (and Marijuana) When President Barack Obama signed the Farm Bill of 2013 on February 7, 2014, it was a small but significant step towards the legalization of hemp across the United States. The bill defined industrial hemp, excluding it from the definition of Marijuana in the Controlled Substances Act. […]

2017, July 2017, Roots

Roots | The Chronicles of Kaya

The Chronicles of Kaya A History of Hemp & Marijuana Here’s a fact: Hemp and Marijuana both come from the same plant; its scientific name is ‘Cannabis Sativa’. For thousands of years hemp was used to make dozens of commercial products like paper, rope, canvas, and textiles. U.S. Presidents and founding fathers George Washington and […]

Irie™ Magazine | Roots - Black Star Line
2017, June 2017 - Cali Reggae, Roots

Roots | Black Star Line

Black Star Line June 27, 1919 The Black Star Line (1919−1922) was a shipping line incorporated by Marcus Garvey, the organizer of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA), and other members of the UNIA. The shipping line was created to facilitate the transportation of goods and eventually African Americans throughout the African global economy. It […]

Irie™ Magazine | Roots - SNWMF 2017
2017, June 2017, Roots

Roots | SNWMF 2017

National Day of Reggae Peace. Love. Music. The Sierra Nevada World Music Festival promotes ‘conscious’ music. Conscious music is music with a message of peace, unity and brotherhood, which transcends the divisions of race and culture. Over the past twenty three years we have endeavored to build a community where Conscious music, Roots music, and […]

Irie™ Magazine | Roots - National Day of Reggae
2017, May 2017, Roots

Roots | National Day of Reggae

National Day of Reggae CHRONICLE: May 14, 2012 Back on May 14, 2012, former President Dilma Rousseff, signed into law a bill establishing the National Day of Reggae, celebrated annually on May 11, the date of Jamaican musician Bob Marley’s passing. Senator Rodrigo Rollemberg – then a congressman – authored the bill, according to the […]

Irie™ Magazine | Roots - Origin of 420
2017, April 2017 - Cali Reggae, Roots

Roots | Origin of 420

Origin of 420 April 20, 2017 420, 4:20, or 4/20 (pronounced four-twenty) is a code-term that refers to the consumption of cannabis, especially smoking cannabis around the time 4:20 p.m./a.m. (or 16:20 in some European nations) and smoking and celebrating cannabis on the date April 20 (which is 4/20 in U.S. form). Origin A group […]

Irie™ Magazine | Roots - Millie Small
2017, April 2017, Roots

Roots | Millie Small

Millie Small My Boy Lollipop The ever-so-talented Millicent Dolly May Small, more famously known as ‘Millie Small’, was born on October 6, 1946 in Clarendon, Jamaica. She is known for her rendition of the hit song ‘My Boy Lollipop’ which has sold over six million records worldwide and helped launch Island Records into mainstream popularity […]

Irie™ Magazine | Roots - A Day Without A Woman
2017, March 2017 - Cali Reggae, Roots

Roots | A Day Without A Woman

A Day Without A Woman March 8, 2017 Women protested around the world on Wednesday for equal rights and in the United States against President Donald Trump, with many Americans skipping work or boycotting stores to demand economic fairness on International Women’s Day. American women seized upon the momentum of the Women’s March on Washington […]

Irie™ Magazine | Roots - Selma to Montgomery
2017, March 2017, Roots

Roots | Selma to Montgomery

Selma to Montgomery Right to Vote The Selma to Montgomery marches were three protest marches, held in 1965, along the 54-mile (87 km) highway from Selma, Alabama to the state capital of Montgomery. The marches were organized by activists to demonstrate the desire of African-American citizens to exercise their constitutional right to vote, in defiance […]

Irie™ Magazine | Roots - Sol Tevél
2017, February 2017, Roots

Roots | Sol Tevél

Sol Tevél World Light Led by Israeli-born, Lior Ben-Hur, Sol Tevél is a San Francisco-based band that focuses on connecting Hebrew roots while engaging world cultures. Sol Tevél integrates sounds, rhythms, and multi-lingual lyrics from around the globe in order to advocate building a strong, conscious and united community worldwide.