IRIE Magazine Issue #06.07

ZOOLOOK today released its July 2019 edition of IRIE™ Magazine featuring Drew McIntosh of Dread & Alive on the cover! IRIE introduces the next story arc in the Dread & Alive series, Nine Night™, a chapter-based graphic novel and soundtrack series created, produced and written by IRIE founder Nicholas Da Silva aka ZOOLOOK.

Reggae artists featured in the July issue of IRIE include Jah Farmer and Eazy Wayne (featured on the cover of IRIE Releases), Akae Beka & Zion I Kings, Sevana, Asher-E and dFonk & Smif-N-Wessun.

Our ROOTS feature celebrates the 127th Earthstrong for His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie I and includes a selection of profound quotes to guide us. Our ROCK feature introduces our newest partner, SoulGro, makers of Terp Tonix, the organic solution that helps farmers get the most out of the plants that they grow, naturally!

As always, thank you for supporting Reggae music! Respect!

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IRIE™ Magazine | REGGAE - Drew McIntosh of Dread & Alive

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