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Irie Magazine Issue #04.10

Irie Magazine today released its October 2017 World Reggae edition (#04.10) of IRIE™ featuring the Patois Brothers, on the cover. The October issue includes an exclusive interview with the Patois Brothers while the RESPECT section features artists Perfect Giddimani (Jamaica), Chelsea Stewart (Canada), Dax Lion (Jamaica), I-Maa-Ra (Jamaica), The Big Takeover (United States) and Train To Roots (Italy).

The ROOTS feature remembers the Steppin’ Razor, Peter Tosh, OM, on his Earthstrong, while our ROCK feature highlights the upcoming Rastafari Rootzfest & Ganjamaica Cup in Jamaica. For our REWIND feature, we give you a sneak preview of our special REWIND Edition featuring Rototom Sunsplash which drops November 24, 2017.

As always, remember to keep it ROOTS, ROCK, REGGAE and RESPECT, Mon!

Irie Magazine | World Reggae Edition Issue #04-10 featuring Patois Brothers