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Irie Magazine Issue #03.09

Welcome to the September 2016 World Reggae Issue (#03.09) of IRIE™ Magazine. In this special takeover issue, we celebrate the 25 year anniversary of our family, Ziggi Mastah aka DubTafari Sound, the Slovenian-Born reggae selector and entrepreneur who has been pioneering since 1991! This special takeover issue includes Cali P’s album release, ‘i Thoughts’, which features the DubTafari dub plate, Food Inna Di Yard.

In the ROOTS feature, Irie Magazine sits down with Ziggi Mastah to discuss his maaaad love for reggae music. In the ROCK feature, we discover the story behind Ziggi Papers and get a preview of some of the past artists who have been highlighted by DubTafari. The REGGAE feature focuses on DubTafari’s collaboration with Cali P on the dub plate, ‘Food Inna Di Yard’. Look for Cali P’s ‘i Thoughts’ to release worldwide on October 7, 2016!

Irie Magazine | World Reggae Edition Issue #03-08 featuring Pentateuch Movement