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Irie Magazine Issue #03.08

Welcome to the August 2016 World Reggae Issue (#03.08) of IRIE Magazine. In this special takeover issue, we introduce Pentateuch Movement to the IRIE family. Named after the first five books of the bible, these band of brothers truly signify what it means to be part of the Roots Rock Reggae movement. Their music, spiritual and uplifting, expresses their desire to create a better reality for future generations.

The World Reggae edition features an exclusive interview with lead singer Kevor ‘Var’ Williams and drummer Brady ‘Jah Bradez’ Robinson as well as introduces current members of Pentateuch Movement. If that weren’t enough, we’ve also included a special download of their track, ‘Africa’, courtesy of Pentateuch Movement.

We hope you will join the movement and support Pentateuch Movement as they prepare for the release of their new album, Chapter XVIII. Until next month, remember to keep it ROOTS, ROCK, REGGAE and RESPECT, Mon!

Irie Magazine | World Reggae Edition Issue #03-08 featuring Pentateuch Movement