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Taj Weekes

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“I didn’t find music, music found me.”



Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Poet, Freedom Fighter, Humanitarian. This is Taj Weekes through the eyes of those who have been fortunate enough to experience his music and receive his message of love, peace, truth, triumph and hope. Many write of his deft skills as a songwriter, the uniqueness of his hauntingly beautiful falsetto, and the vibrant diversity of his musical arrangements. However when speaking with the man behind the music, one will find a simple man, dedicated to presenting pure, honest music with a simple message that transcends race, class, gender, age, and nationality. The seeds of his values and sense of his place in the world were all sown on a quiet Caribbean island many years ago.

The Journey Begins

Taj Weekes’ musical journey parallels his personal one. For St. Lucia’s native son, the youngest of ten children, music was a family affair. He states: “We were always singing and playing in my house. My father was an incredible singer… we took that from him.” By age five, Weekes was singing in church and by the age of nine, he and his brothers had formed a band, The Weekes Brothers, playing in local talent shows, town hall or parish centers around the island. Throughout his teenage years, Weekes honed his musical talents and songwriting skills listening to a wide variety of music. He states: “My musical influences were quite varied, ’cause the radio stations played all kinds of music. There were no formats, so we grew up listening to everything from reggae to calypso to classic rock and classical music.” Years later, he left home to fulfill his musical ambitions in North America. There, he formed his band, Taj Weekes & Adowa, and founded Jatta, LLC, his entertainment company that houses his record label, film and music publishing company, and merchandising division.

The Man, The Music, The Message – We Are All One

His music is a product of his exposure to a wide spectrum of musical genres on St. Lucian radio. His message grew out of the innocent beauty of his island, but it was the plight of those less fortunate that awakened his social consciousness. His international travels expanded his world view, eventually coming to the realization that we are all one, as reflected in the title of his second album, DEIDEM (All of Us). The musician’s attraction to reggae music was not just in its melodies and tempos. This genre of music seemed to best embody his lyrics, which he would later declare to be ‘the voice of the voiceless.’ The songwriter, a self-proclaimed “town crier”, writes songs that speak of oppression in all of its forms, wars across the planet and the violence of poverty. The poet and freedom fighter seeks to illicit compassion for his subject while reminding us that even within the struggle, there is always hope. The humanitarian simply states that love for one another, through kindness and goodwill, will always prevail.

This is Taj Weekes – musician. He poetically speaks of the suffering of others. His music has been defined as anthems for justice and peace. His charitable work is proof of his words in action. Though he embraces all monikers that try to define him and his music, Taj Weekes is a simple man from a beautifully quiet island that history will name among music and social icons.

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Taj Weekes



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