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Nova Raíz

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Nova Raíz, which means, ‘ New Roots’ in portuguese, is a group of Brazilian Reggae musicians from Brasília, Brazil. Professional musicians since 1998, they have been playing music since their early childhood.

Nova Raíz started their group back in 2011 with members Bruno Xavier, Herik Marcos, Marcelo Pahl & Rodney Silveira. Since then, the Nova Raíz band has consistently produced songs that have conscious lyrics.

The subjects of their songs include lyrics about equal rights, love and harmony, and fighting for better days. Their music always promotes a positive message.

In 2003, they received the award for ‘The Best of Reggae’ in the category ‘Best Group’ in Sao Paulo, Brasil.

Nova Raíz has performed at several major festivals, sharing the stage with bands such as: The Itals, Fully Fullywood Band, Clinton Fearon, Justin Hinds, Silvia Tella, Midnite, Culture, Peter Broggs, The Gladiators and Israel Vibration.

In 2013, Nova Raíz released their first album entitled ‘Desapego’. ‘Desapego’, in portuguese, means the detachment of things that don’t have real importance in our lives.

The songs from ‘Desapego’represent what the band members feel really matters in life and invite all to forget foolish ideas that could disperse us from the real goals of a conscious life.

In September 2014, they performed on stage at the Minho Reggae Festival, which is held annually in Spain. The group also produced an album called ‘Live at Reggae Minho Festival’, which released at the festival.

In 2015, Nova Raíz won the 15th edition of Ostroda Reggae Festival in Poland, beating out 102 bands from around the world for the title.

Their new Ep, ‘Love Is’, is now available since November 2016 on all digital medias including Spotify, Apple music and others.

Today, Nova Raíz members include Bruno Xavier (Lead Vocals), Rodney Silveira (Guitar & Vocals), Marcelo Pahl (Drums), Felipe Terrana (Bass), Herik Marcos (Keyboard), Emanuel Ferreira (Keyboard) and Cristiano Soares (Sax & Vocals).

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Nova Raíz



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