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Nakeeba Amaniyea

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Early exposure to the music industry only intrigued and enhanced the musical artistry of Nakeeba
Amaniyea. The daughter of Grammy nominated and international reggae pioneer, Sister Carol, demonstrated singing and songwriting talents as early as the age of 10.

Nakeeba would sing and perform with her siblings on her parents’ ‘Eastman Sound’ in Flatbush, Brooklyn. The weekly showcases would attract both international and locally known artists to perform. As a teenager, she was selected by Noel Alphonso of Noni Musik to be the cornerstone of a new female hip-hop/reggae/R&B group. The group worked on a number of projects, including a modern remake of Althea and Donna’s classic hit ‘Uptown Top Rankin’.

After the group decided to separate, Nakeeba Amaniyea went on to pursue educational interests while continuing to write and produce her own music. During this time, she worked with the National Basketball Association and attained two Masters degrees in Education and Sports Management. As an educator, Nakeeba Amaniyea is fully committed to the philosophy of Education for Liberation while instilling excellence and self-determination in her students.

Musically, she has collaborated with her mother and numerous artists while entertaining audiences throughout the United States and internationally in France, Spain, and Thailand. Nakeeba Amaniyea’s multi-genre musical expression speaks to her various influences from Studio One Jamaica, Sister, Carol, Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Harry Belafonte, Mariam Makeba, Nina Simone, Public Enemy, The Roots, and Lauryn Hill to name a few. She infuses roots reggae, R & B, and hip-hop into an eclectic blend for every listener.

With the submission of her upcoming solo project, Nakeeba Amaniyea continues to illustrate her passion for using music as a tool for unification and perpetuates the legacy of edutainment established by her predecessors. With such a rich musical heritage as her birthright and an individual commitment to creating her own niche, expect Nakeeba Amaniyea to provide audiences with healing music for the soul, stimulation for the mind, and melodies for the heart.

To contact Nakeeba Amaniyea – e-mail her management at [email protected]

Irie™ Magazine Cali Reggae Edition March 2017

Mar 2017






Nakeeba Amaniyea



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