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A St. Elizabeth, Jamaica native and rising reggae dancehall superstar, Raphael Marsdon (aka MarZdon) is aiming for musical greatness. Born July 3, 1988, this multifaceted musician is a talented songwriter, performer, producer and engineer.

His journey began in 2006 when, under the moniker D’Flexx, he performed onstage for shows such as GT Taylor Extravaganza, Hype in the Park, Manchester Fiesta and more. He released his first single in 2007 titled ‘System Set’ and in early 2008 his next track ‘Get Violet.’

The year 2013 brought big changes for Raphael. He evolved from a singer to a brand, not only changing his stage name to MarZdon, but bringing in a whole new style of music and performing, creating a
huge buzz among his followers.

In 2015 MarZdon wrote and produced his new release ‘Trouble’ for Cydefex Records, generating massive interest from his fans worldwide.

Irie Magazine is pleased to announce that as of July 1, 2016, MarZdon’s debut album, ‘Cell Block’, is available on I-Tunes, Amazon and other digital sites. The album is distributed by (Zojak World Wide). Look for new music videos in the near future to compliment his ideas behind the tracks, as well as other happenings going forward. Respect!

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