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Freddy Locks

Fortunate Youth



Freddy Locks recorded his first album in 2004, an album that introduced him to the world with the single “Wake up”. That album, entitled ‘RootsRockStruggeling’, was never officially released to the public until now.

During his childhood, Freddy spent many hours in the streets of his neighborhood, Alvalade in Lisbon, where he absorbed the influences of the local Punk scene. He developed an attitude full of criticism while observing the urban environment surrounding him. This same attitude was associated with his refined artistic sense that helped shaped the musical projects he was involved in: from the initial Punk experiences, to the Reggae-themed projects, in which he has mastered. His musical biography is evident that Freddy faces music as he faces his life, always being the nonconformist and always positive and open to new approaches and perspectives.

In his 11 year music career, Freddy Locks has recorded four original albums and performed and participated in a multitude of concerts and events, always revealing a consistency that places him as one of the major names ever in reggae music in Portugal; a diamond in the Portuguese music scene that has yet to receive worldwide attention.

2014 marked his 10 year anniversary in his artistic life, a milestone that was celebrated on stage with a concert at the Musicbox in Lisbon on March 8. That achievement was followed up by the release of a new book, ‘Freddy Locks : Human-Together-Arise’, by magical photographer André Paxiuta.

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Freddy Locks



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