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Irie™ Magazine | Reggae - Delphine
2017, March 2017, Reggae

Reggae | Delphine

Delphine Blue Soul French singer-songwriter Delphine has been influenced by jazz, soul, and reggae since her earliest childhood. She grew up in a family of self-made musicians and got involved as a teenager in different types of art by taking dancing and acting courses for several years. At ten, she was supported by her hometown […]

Irie™ Magazine | Artist - Delphine
2016, July 2016, Respect

Respect | Delphine

Delphine Music Originally from Burgundy, France, Delphine is an artist of a new kind. Enriched by various musical influences since childhood, she carries inside her a federative music filled with universal messages. Her soul, jazz and reggae footprints gives her a very unique and addictive signature. Her many colors universe, her warm, rich and powerful […]