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Likkle Jordee

United States

Likkle Jordee, known for his small stature, but yet a wide projecting sound and timeless tone of voice, is a young international reggae artist from the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Jordee, born Jordan Ramirez, started in his intermediate years as his step-mother (Kimberly Ramirez, finalist of Hawai`i Stars) nurtured his aspirations as a singer/performer presenting his passion at small family gatherings and at school during recess. He later took on songwriting after his 18th birthday with a gifted microphone from his Step-Mother. He recorded on classic riddims like ‘Cuss Cuss’, ‘Hot Milk’, ‘Cool & Deadly’, ‘Taxi’ and much more. Shortly afterwards, he was discovered by Isaac Tuli (also known as Tuli Ranks) from NewCatPosse who contacted him in regards of the tunes. Tuli reached out to Jordee for a collaboration which resulted in their track, ‘Scene Girl’, which gave birth to a collective called ‘Digikal Youth’. ‘Scene Girl’ was featured on Maui Radio stations such as Q103.9 and soon spread across the globe through SoundCloud. Jordee grew with the collective releasing various singles for the next couple years until 2015, when the posse went on a short hiatus.

As a solo artist, Likkle Jordee released singles like ‘Stay Away’, ‘Ina Di Radio’, ‘Lyrics Designer’, ‘Flash It and Gwaan’ and a few more. In late 2015, he was discovered by Eli-Mac where he was featured on her latest album titled ‘Tricky One’ with their tune ‘Nighttime Session’. This single allowed him to make two guest appearances at The Mayjah Rayjah Events with artists like Westafa, J-Boog, Damian ‘Junior Gong’ Marley and Lauryn Hill. In the winter of 2017, when the album was released, Jah Gumby of Father Psalms Studio also had involvement in the project which led to another connection and project of their own. Singles like ‘Born Ina Dis’ & ‘Mi Just a Come’ were a part of FP’s newest album ‘Talent showcase Vol.1: Straight to the Styles’ featuring artists like Ranking Joe, Don Camilo, Mykal Rose, Pupa Kanaka, Mr. 83 and Kali. This summer, Likkle Jordee forwards his big debut with a new project with ‘Prod. By Pana’. In the meantime, you can find Likkle Jordee’s music on all digital platforms.