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Dub Kartel, 7-piece dub & reggae-inspired band from Halifax Nova Scotia, made their first musical pilgrimage Jamaica in early 2017 to work on their second studio album assuring that the ‘inspiration of Jamaica’ would be felt in the air. ‘Down for the Herb’ is their first official single since back to Canada from Jamaica.

The track was released via all digital platforms on 4/20 resonating with ganja smokers around the world as a toking anthem for 2018. Dub Kartel’s lead singer, Kyle, sets the tone with a chanting vibes making everyone know from the jump they are ‘Down for the Herb’. Kyle nostalgically croons “Well take me to Jamaica – where the herb burns by the acre!”  as he remembers the copious amounts of ganja they were blessed with on their travels!

Blessing the track is Blvk H3ro, one of the members of Jamaica’s upcoming ‘new wave’ whom the band met during their travels & Jahmeila Smith, daughter of legendary Chinna Smith who regularly sings with the band throughout Canada. Both collaborating artists bring a similar love and adoration for herb, H3ro with his playful lyrics and Jahmeila with her mellow mary-jane melodies claiming she is… “a smoker” and she’d… “rather tell the truth than hide it from anyone…”

The official video for ‘Down for the Herb’ echoes loudly the band’s faithful adoration for marijuana. 

‘Down for the Herb’ was produced by Richard Mcneil and Debo Ras. Mixed and Engineered by Delroy “Phatta” Pottinger at Anchor Studios. Mastered by Chis Athens.

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