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It’s Your Time

Biancia Francis more commonly known as ‘Yoncia’ was born in the parish of St. Thomas in Jamaica. She had a great love for the Arts from an early age participating in school events connected to poetry and music. With musical influences such as Beres Hammond and Shirley Ceaser, she grew a devotion to reggae music.

Yoncia paid close attention to the beat of the ‘kette’ drums alongside the vibrant melodies of the legendary Bob Marley. This seemed to always have an effect on her, as she gravitated to it. She frequent local events and familiarized herself with authentic reggae music.

At 16 years old she migrated to the United States where she expressed her poetry to her colleagues. The words from her poetry turned to lyrics in her music.

Even with her musical interest, she was keen on completing school. She graduated from Montclair State University with her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and Journalism. A diversified woman, while in college she entered the pageant world where she garnered the attention of the judges with her natural beauty and captivating musical talent.

“I am confident that I have the full package; I am a talented, beautiful and an intelligent lad, I believe my musical style is unique. I am here to make a difference as a female in the music industry”.

In 2015 she teamed up with Cashflow Records, Breadback Productions, and 17th Street Production.

She released a total of five singles entitled ‘Our Time’, ‘Where I’m From’, ‘Low mi’, ‘Neva Hurt Yuh’ and ‘Whine Pon Yuh’.

In April 2016, Yoncia released her first EP entitled ‘She is Yoncia’ with VPAL Music, the record label based in Queens, New York.

Yoncia describes her music as ‘Empowering’ and ‘Truthful’ and is eager to break boundaries in the music industry. Her writing is influenced by experiences, regardless if they are personal or through interaction.

“I’m a strong believer of self-motivation, and the fact that destiny is ruled by the creator, not the spectator”, says Yoncia.

February 2017 saw the release of ‘Mind Control’ on VPAL Music which also included an official music video release which premiered on the IRIE Channel.

In August 2017, the Jamaican born, New Jersey-based reggae/dancehall songstress Yoncia released the track, ‘In Time’, on the Enchanted Riddim by Blue Lava Entertainment.

Yoncia croons on the virtues of patience with ‘In Time’, while the energy goddess Empress Goodness blazes fire on pedophiles on ‘The Purge (Die)’. Gail SoGorgeous warns of fake friends and those who mean no good with ‘Wah Do Dem (Frenemy)’. Meanwhile the fire empress Jalifa yearns to the listener and begs them to have a little faith on ‘Why Worry’.

The uplifting tunes, speak of empowerment and reflection, and showcases the vocal talent and lyrical genius of the female artistes featured.

2018 looks to be a promising year for this rising star. Yoncia is currently working on new music.

When it comes to music, Yoncia believes one must take their time; make love to the process and let the product speak.

It’s your time, Yoncia! We are ready!