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Songs in the Key of Sea

Photography By: Michael Scott Slosar

Timothy Boyce aka P-Dub is a US based artist who has developed a unique brand of contemporary music fusing Hip Hop and RnB with Pop, Rock, Folk, Blues and Reggae.

Since 2005, P-Dub has been releasing music as Predator Dub Assassins completely self produced and playing most of the instruments, he has released 10 full length albums and 7 full length mixtapes including: ‘Predator Dub Assassins’ (2005), ‘The Hardest’ (2007), ‘East Coast Dub Cartel Volume One’ (2008), ‘Fully Qualified’ (2009), P-Dub’s solo debut ‘Frontline’ (2010), The Dub Files Volume 1 (2011), ‘Last Band Standing’ (2012), Decade Of Dubs (2016) The Dub Files Volume Two (2017) and Songs In The Key Of Sea (2018).

P-Dub made an appearance on the hit TV series ‘American Chopper’ in 2009, and has supplied music for other popular TV programs on the Food and Fuel TV networks from 2011 to 2015. He also provided music for CBS network television shows Hawaii 5-0 and The Glades as well as a back catalog track for the feature film The Wolf Of Wall Street directed by Martin Scorcese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Other projects include writing the Red Stripe jingles being used on the company’s current campaign.

P-Dub has also released a number of independently produced music videos and toured extensively.

As a singer, songwriter, and producer, P-Dub has worked with a diverse range of artists including: Akon, Twista, Trina, Sean Kingston, Flo Rida, Collie Buddz, Dipset/The Diplomats, Pharoahe Monch, French Montana, Jadakiss, Three 6 Mafia, Paul Wall, Buju Banton, Maxi Priest, Wayne Wonder, Juicy J, Ace Hood, Gyptian, Jermaine Dupree, Britney Spears, Janelle Monae and others. He has also appeared on some of the same albums as pop luminaries Lady Gaga, P-Diddy, Trey Songs, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, and Lil’ Wayne, seeing a #1 Independent (Billboard), #2 Rap (Billboard), #4 Hip Hop/RnB (Billboard), and two top 10 albums on iTunes (reggae) in the process.

P-Dub currently spends his days surfing, raising his children, producing records and creating multimedia at his home and studio at the famed Jersey Shore.

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The Interview

IRIE. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Where are you from and how did you get involved in reggae music?

P-Dub. My name is Timothy Boyce and I go by the name P-Dub. I am from a very small town called Sea Bright in New Jersey. One night I was on the boardwalk and I met a guy who gave me a card that said Melchezedek Hi Power Soundsystem. I went to the address and wound up spending the next six years being mentored by a 55-year-old Kingstonian sound system operator who had a yard, a sound system, and a recording studio very close to where I live.

As you can imagine having all of this made his yard somewhat of a community gathering center for W.I. musicians and all kind of people. Since I engineered a bit I became the house engineer and my friend George who owns the recording studio would charge people to record. I would engineer them.

In my spare time I would make mix tapes for myself from the vinyl. George wanted to form a band so he used me as the core member on guitar and vocals and assembled a band of W.I. musicians around me that were all 2 to 3 times my age. I was 17.

IRIE. You play a unique brand of reggae music. How would you describe your sound?

P-Dub. Well… what would happen if Bob Marley liked heavy metal music a whole lot and THEN wrote the Natty Dread album? What would happen then?

IRIE. Who were some of the musical influence that inspired you in developing your P-Dub sound?

P-Dub. So many, but the earliest are my mother and my aunts and uncles for sure.

IRIE. You wear a lot of hats. You’re a multi-instrumentalist, a singer, a songwriter and a producer. You’ve even done some acting. How did your extensive music career come about?

P-Dub. Though I would hardly call a walk-on in a reality show acting lol, I’ve always been in bands since I was a kid and produced and made my own recordings. To make a long story one sentence, I eventually moved into commercial songwriting and found some success doing what they call ghostwriting on hip-hop and pop records in New York City.

IRIE. As a songwriter, you’ve written songs for popular artists including Akon, Collie Buddz, Maxi Priest and even Buju Banton! Impressive! How do you go about writing original music for other artists? Is it a different process from writing music for yourself?

P-Dub. No, it is no different but you do get to ride rollercoasters all day with Akon at the amusement park. I threw up after the Harry Potter virtual reality ride. The broom riding thing really got to me.

IRIE. When you’re working on a new song whether it be for yourself or for a client, how do you know when that song is considered final?

P-Dub. You work on it till you think it sounds really good and if it’s for a client you then submit it.

Depending on the situation the client might send you back notes about little things they want to be changed and you go ahead and make those changes. It’s the same thing as when you finish your own record, then go to sleep and wake up the next day and decide to make little tweaks.

IRIE. You’ve had three albums on iTunes and have hit the #1, #2 and #4 spot on the Billboard charts. What do you owe your creative success to?

P-Dub. I owe all of that chart success to one thing : getting on records with famous people, lol. All of those charting records were for famous clients with me as featured singer.

IRIE. You will release your (13th) album, ‘Songs in the key of Sea’, on June 1, 2018. The songs on the album not only explore a combination of music styles but a diverse range of song topics. Can you share with us the story behind the album?

P-Dub. I just figured this time I would not try to impose too many rules and weird structure on the whole process.

If I made a demo and the song sounded like a waltz I would just let it be a waltz. I would not try to change it and make it into this or that.

I’m kind of done with rules. I have a song about my uncle, a song about my dog and a song about an LSD trip I took once.

IRIE. Yes I! Is there a track on the new album that resonates with you most? If so, why?

P-Dub. ‘Blue Lullaby’ because it’s my daughter’s favorite song and she’s the only one that knows that it’s about our dog Scratch (who was named after Lee Perry). He died two days after Christmas.

IRIE. What do you hope your fans or first-time listeners take with them after hearing Songs in the Key of Sea?

P-Dub. Honestly I just hope they love it. I really do care what people think and I am very nervous about the whole thing to be honest.

IRIE. What advice would you give an aspiring musician looking to create their own path in the music world?

P-Dub. To be realistic and practical and diversify both your skills and your income streams. If you try to bring value into every situation you are involved you will likely benefit.

IRIE. Is there anything you would like to say or share with the Irie Magazine audience?

P-Dub. I would just like to share my gratitude with being part of this community for so long. It has enriched my life immeasurably. It really is the best thing ever and is why I get up at 3:30am every single morning stoked to get to work on the things that inspire me.

IRIE. Much Love & Respect, P-Dub!

P-Dub. Thank you guys! Yew!