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Army Gideon

United States

Meet Army Gideon… one of South Florida’s top reggae bands. Dubbed the ‘Best Reggae Band’ by New Times, Army Gideon released their high-anticipated debut album, ‘Forsake Not’, on January 19, 2018. These musical soldiers are a group of well-seasoned musicians who have opened for reggae heavy hitters such as Bunny Wailer, Akae Beka, Kymani Marley, and Chronixx. Their lyrical content advocates equal rights & justice, universal love, and Ras Tafari awareness. Their sound is roots, rock, reggae and their ability to seamlessly fuse it with other genres. They even incorporate lead violin?! A music they have self coined ‘Resistance Music’. The type of music that appeals to the masses. This is Army Gideon.

Lead vocalist Anbesa Tafari, is a triple threat as he is also a guitarist and classical violinist. The Legendary reggae trumpeter Chico Chin, who has worked with everyone from Burning Spear to Bob Marley, now lends insurmountable experience and versatile horns to this group. Lead guitarist Jassiah Lion captivates the multitudes with his wailing guitar riffs, blues bends and hammer-ons. Jermaine ‘Jerms’ Johnson is
giving you exactly what his name promises as hi ‘bang-n-bubble’, phrasing and overall melodies are sick on the keyboards. On drum, bass and percussion, in that order, we have Dane ‘Spice’ Hutton, Sheldon ‘DonDon’ Satchell and Steve ‘Skins’ Kornicks. They form the holy trinity of rhythm, keeping it so heavy and steady; one can’t fight the urge to dance.

After releasing the single and video for ‘Empress’, it began to climb in views on the Internet and filling local airwaves, signaling the time for Army Gideon’s debut album. The album is organic reggae fusion, making it distant from traditional expectation but still very familiar. Roots of Reggae, Africa, Emperor, Empress, Journeys of Liberation and commitment, with tasty guitar licks. Those are the things Army Gideon’s first release ‘Forsake Not’ brings to the musical world.