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Micah Shemaiah

Roots I Vision

At the beginning of his musical journey, Micah shemaiah promised to deliver great sounds and strong spiritual vibes. This he has fulfilled and continues to shower the earth with powerful reggae vibrations that is well loved across the globe. Shemaiah was born and raised in Kingston City, the original home of Reggae and grew up with the firm, spiritual teachings of Rastafari while a member of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Micah Shemaiah’s spiritually Powerful! Performances, connects people worldwide and secures a ride for all…’on the wings of Jah music’.

In the year 2009 Micah Shemaiah released his self-produced debut album ‘RASTAMAN MEDITATION’. This opened doors and revealed his unstoppable talent as musician, song writer, producer and recording artiste. ‘RASTAMAN MEDITATION’ is still available on all major digital, download sites.

The year 2012, Micah Shemaiah, went on his first international tour. He went alongside Ancient Vibrations, to Africa, (under the patronage of The University of Philadelphia, USA). The group performed in the UK and South Africa, at sold out venues and in front of massive audiences. Since then, Micah Shemaiah has toured Europe extensively, performing at major festivals such as Rototom Sunsplash, Reggae Jam, Uprising Reggae Festival, Reggae Geel, Reggae Camp, Zwarte Cross among many other festivals and venues across Europe.

On his journey to promote and preserve the music he loves and sounds he generates, Shemaiah channelled a new wave….VINYLS… His first VINYL launch….’Dread at the Control ‘…..was produced and arranged by no other than Shemaiah himself. In a recent interview with David Rodigan, he highlighted the steps and effort it took to release his production purely on vinyl, not conforming to the usual trend at that time.

Micah Shemaiah spoke about his role in re-energizing the sale of vinyls worldwide while David also reminisced about the first time he heard Shemaiah’s sounds and how intrigued he was, after hearing that the music was released, solely on VINYL. 500 copies of ’Dread At The Control’ was released on a vinyl pictured sleeve… as a limited edition and within 1 month all copies were sold out!! (Digital downloads are available via Itunes).

After the successful launch of Dread AtThe Control, Micah Shemaiah stayed the course and released a slew of highly anticipated and well received vinyl singles and Albums. Including In This Land, Keep On Keeping On, Rude Bwoy Jamaica, Reggae Rockit, Eezy Breezy, Fire Burning, We Know, Dread Act, Radio 1981, Do Right, Rockers Party, Legal, Jah is the Way, Dance and Rocksteady as singles, Original Dread (solo album) and Shalalak (collaborative album).

Now…9 years later!!! February 16, 2018, Micah Shemaiah releases Roots I Vision. He says….”It’s coming out of my own trodings and the way I foresee the world, in the future. Roots music has been the cornerstone of spirituality in this world, from the time of it’s inception, and though marginalized, and criticised, by the ever changing illusion machine, run by the powers that wish to enslave the earth, I see where, inevitably, more and more people will trod towards a consciousness and awareness of who they are and what they stand for. We will eventually see and experience the interconnections of life and move forward to accomplish one goal one aim one destiny and Righteous Livity”….

Since it’s release, Roots I Vision, has been receiving rave reviews courtesy of Reggaeville, World A Reggae, David Rodigan, Irie Magazine and a host of others who have either bought a copy of the album or received the promo materials. Roots I Vision was produced by Evidence Music out of Switzerland and released on Limited Edition vinyl, LP and on all digital platforms worldwide.

Micah Shemaiah returns to Europe with his band named…Dreadites. The band’s title,… originates from a community in which he dwelt, among Rastafarians… in the land of his birth,…Jamaica. Members of the band are all uniquely connected and share very strong vibrations. They are:-Ashir Guitz a young guitar prodigy from Old Harbour Jamaica, Nicolas Brown (Giant Drumz), Powerful young drummer who hails from St Ann Jamaica. Icah Wilmot (surf bass) son of legendary Jamaican singer Billy Wilmot and part operator of Jamaica’s first and only surf scene, Natty Keyz, hails from Catalonia in Spain and was top of his class recently, concluded his final year of studies at Edna Manley College…Jamaicas premier Art Institute, and Matthias the Dread, a great musical all rounder, who hails from Germany, who was formerly a member of Gentleman’s Far East Band. DREADITES band, is a part of the mission and the vision and will indeed, make the journey complete..”

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The Interview

IRIE. What was your childhood like growing up with parents being members of the Twelve Tribes of Israel?

Micah Shemaiah. It was like growing up in Zion.

IRIE. What age were you when you realized that music was your passion?

Micah Shemaiah. I was 13.

IRIE. Do you remember the first song you ever wrote?

Micah Shemaiah. It was a song called ‘Our Father’ taken from the famous Prayer.

IRIE. Who were some of your musical influences that helped shape your music?

Micah Shemaiah. Bob Marley, Sade, Buju Banton, micheal Jackson, and the Twelve Tribes of Israel music room which was always a favorite place to stand and watch the rehearsals.

IRIE. As a reggae singer and songwriter, you are hands-on with the overall production of your music. Why is this important to you?

Micah Shemaiah. It’s really not a choice for me. It was required to get the results Jah needs.

IRIE. Your music is a special blend of reggae, dub and soul accompanied your unique voice that is unmistakable. How would you describe your sound?

Micah Shemaiah. It’s an Arksound.

IRIE. Roots I Vision is your fourth album, distributed by Evidence Music from Switzerland. Can you share with us how this project come about?

Micah Shemaiah. It’s actually produced by Evidence Music and the album came from an idea of a bredren I met with my desire to connect and share this message with all people.

IRIE. What is the meaning behind the album title, Roots I Vision?

Micah Shemaiah. Well the words are counting 12 letters, actually something I did not know when I made the title, but it’s signifying the inevitable progression of mankind to one people one aim, one god, one destiny.

IRIE. Is there a track from ‘Roots I Vision’ that resonates most with you? If so, why?

Micah Shemaiah. They all do, because they are meditations from my soul made manifest for the world to see.

IRIE. You always include a vinyl edition which each release. Can you share with us your passion for vinyl?

Micah Shemaiah. Vinyl is the medium best suited for the sound of the music I make.

IRIE. What do you hope your fans or first-time listeners take with them after hearing your music?

Micah Shemaiah. I hope they would already be living towards a Zion state of mind. So my music would just be a comfortable and familiar listen.

IRIE. Is there anything you would like to say or share with the Irie Magazine audience?

Micah Shemaiah. Live and let live.

IRIE. Much Love & Respect, Micah Shemaiah!

Micah Shemaiah. Give thanks for the good vibration towards i man music.