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Alerta Kamarada

Love Is In Da House

Founded in 1996, ALERTA KAMARADA, is Colombian´s Reggae pioneer band. It was born in Bogota´s capitol city streets , as a countercultural response to the historical war; under the direction and foundation of Javier Fonseca (Vocals) and Pablo Araoz (Bass and Musical Direction), two young rebel rockers, bred with a soundtrack of tropical music. From the beginning, they were invited to play in clubs, pubs, festivals, cultural clubs, schools, universities, parties, fairs, jails, hospitals, arm dismantlings of guettos, embassies, cultural manifestations, social enterprises and private parties, where they start to gain followers that promote them.

As a result,they began to sound on independent radio stations, touring on national circuits, and get to live in San Andres and Providence Islands of the caribbean for a long season, where knowledge and strengthen their ties with Reggae and Afro-Caribbean music.

In 2002 they released their fisrt LongPlay called Alerta with very successful and depleting stocks.

The song Legal included on the LP, is taken by a generation as a signature song for Medicinal plants as Marihuana´s and Coca Leaf´s Legalization. On their first International Tour in 2004, band gets invited to perform at Rototom´s Reggae Sunsplash main stage in Italy, where they began their relationships with many important producers and artists such as Sly Dunbar.

Coming back from Europe and with a huge interest on promoting Reggae music in Colombia, the band founded & promoted the first specialized festivals of the country (ReggaeColombia & TortazoReggae) where they took artists such as Jr Reid and Sugar Minnot (without knowing they were beginning their successful reggae and dancehall backing band career).

Seeking international and looking for the roots of the genre, they travel a long season to Kingston, Jamaica, where they produced their second LP called Somos Uno, sharing studio and including Top artists and producers such as Sly Dunbar, Big Youth, Sugar Minnot, Jr Reid and Christopher Meredith. In an unexpected way, Princesa song included in the album, became Top 1 commercial Radio Hit in
Colombia, and the band moved from an underground to a massive audience. Thanks to this album, band is invited to perform at Historic Reggae Sunsplash in Jamaica, sharing stage with the biggest reggae Iconic bands and artists.

They began to be called to work as backing band of artists like: Lee Perry, Tanya Stephens, Anthony B, Delly Ranx, Sister Nancy, Mykal Rose, Papa Michigan, Marla Brown (Dennis Brown´s daughter), Dabadub (Italy) and Jah Fabio (mexico) among others. Also as a band, invited to perform at International Festivals as Vive Latino (Mexico DF), EastSideMusic Days (Berlin), Paris Hiphop Festival (Paris), Rototom Sunsplash (Benicasim), Reggae on the River (Humoldt county, California), Rock al Parque and Stereo Picnic (Bogota), etc.

Parallel and depending on the music promotion and music creation, they founded an 24 hour online Radio Station called RadioEtiope (commanded by Javier the Singer) , and Independent Record studio and Label called One2 records (commanded by Pablo the bass player), active platforms in which the band works not only their own projects, but local, national and worldwide projects also.

The Conscious message that they use from their starting point, makes them feel very commited to the issue of Peace in Colombia; that´s why they were invited to perform at the historical show of the X Farc´s Conference (revolutionary forces last conference as an armed organization), at the end of the Peace Treat between the Government and this Guerrilla. In this show, they invited Esteban (Farc´s Mc Rapper) to perform with them, and this news travelled all around the world by newspapers, radiostations and tv journals.

With 20 years of Musical Resistance, Alerta Kamarada releases their new Ep called ‘Love is in da House’ Vol.1, part of their new LP album, where they express their Unity message in Spanish and English with four songs that are already making people dance.