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Patois Brothers

Wise & Wild

The Patois Brothers are a band from Venice (Italy) formed in 2010. Their name is a tribute to the Jamaican language and in the same way that Patois originates from many different languages, their music is inspired by combining the many different sounds of Reggae to create one original sound.

Following their 2015 debut single, ‘Politician’, the Patois Brothers first album, ‘Mighty Ways’ made a big statement both lyrically and musically. A strident call for social change and positive education through music, immediately attracting the attention of both critics and the general public, and leading to numerous performances in Italy and further afield.

In 2017 they return with ‘Wise & Wild’, their new album consisting of 12 completely original tracks, including an important collaboration with the Jamaican legend Max Romeo.

Irie Magazine first learned about the Patois Brothers through our good friend, Daniel Boyle, the grammy-nominated music producer and owner of Rolling Lion studio. After hearing a few tracks from ‘Wise & Wild’, we knew that the Patois Brothers had achieved that special sound, one of pure vintage reggae and full of respect, spirituality and wisdom.

To listen to their music is a special treat, but to see them perform live, is extra special! This past summer, IRIE got the opportunity to hang out with the Patois Brothers and see them perform live on the Lion Stage at Rototom Sunsplash. Without further ado, we present this exclusive interview with the Patois Brothers!