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Setas Indicam a Direção

Meet Diamba… the Bahian reggae band that was founded in 1996 by three of its current members: Duda Sepúlveda (vocals) aka Duda Diamba, Renato Nunes (bass) and Tilson Santana (keyboards). The idea for the band was to create a sound with different characteristics, mixing elements of roots reggae with others forms of reggae and pop. This all related to the native strand of Brazilian reggae and also to the particularities of the countries regional culture.

For the band, which today includes four other members, drummer Luri Carvalho, keyboardist Paulo Fael and the guitarists, André Lomi and Reman Buchegge, the secret to their longevity is to always keep the reggae music evolving.

With a ‘Bahian’ accent and their special way of doing poetry, Diamba uses and abuses literature while adding influences of Rock & Roll and Brazilian Popular Music(MPB) in their music. Reggae influences range from Bob Marley to Steel Pulse. Their style of music and form of singing is unmistakable.

In their 20 years of making music, they have independently produced four CD’s and two DVD’s. Diamba has also made numerous appearances throughout the capital and Bahia, in addition to tours in Rio de Janeiro, Florianópolis, São Paulo and Minas Gerais General. For musicians, leaving Bahia means the opening of new doors.

Diamba has had twelve appearances at the FESTIVAL DE VERÃO SALVADOR (Summer Festival Salvador). The band has also participated in two editions of the Surf World Championship in Bahia, the WQS.

In 2010, the band stood out with the ‘Te Encontro no Pelô’ project, held at Praça Teresa Batista with 4 editions and special guests from the local and national scene. In 2011, Diamba performed on the SURF REGGAE TOUR alongside the São Paulo band, Planta & Raiz, – the biggest reggae tour in Bahia, which travelled through Salvador, Feira de Santana and Porto Seguro.

In 2012, Diamba released their 4th CD, the FMD (Diamba Musical Fraternity). The great surprise of the FMD were the artists who collaborated with Diamba: Alexandre Carlo do Natiruts, performed on the song ‘Things of Life’, Hélio Bentes of Banda Ponto de Equilíbrio recorded the song ‘Bob Rei’ and Zeider of the band Planta & Raiz recorded ‘Speaking with Jah’.

The year 2012 was marked by several important shows such as the show on 01/12 with the Planet Hemp Band, as well as many shows performed in the interior of Bahia, where Diamba participating in a very cool movement known as ‘Noite do Fora do Eixo’.

2013 was a busy year for Diamba, with a full summer schedule. The group performed in cities in the South of Bahia, such as Barra Grande de Camamu, Ilhéus, Itacaré. They also returned to the stage of the Summer Festival and Studio Stage of the Sound.

Their carnival schedule was also full. Diamba paraded in the Circuit Barra – Ondina with the trio Popcorn, the Reguitarrice Diamba, sponsored by the City Hall of Salvador. They then performed on the stage of the Planeta Band Cabin on Carnival Sunday. They had a second performance on the Sustainable Stage of the Castro Square, sponsored by Banco Itaú. Then on Tuesday, Diamba was invited by the Secretary of Culture of the State of Bahia, to be part of the schedule of Black Carnivals at the Resistance Stage.

2015 was also a year of great achievements for the band, with invitation to perform on the recording of the DVD, ‘Classics of Reggae Brasil’, by the internationally recognized band, Natiruts! The DVD sold more than 30k Physical copies.

Diamba’s partnership with ITAL STUDIOS, a studio specializing in reggae production, saw the production of their latest CD, ‘Setas indicam a direção’, which translated means ‘Arrows indicate the direction’.

In ‘Arrows Indicate The Direction’, Duda, Renato and Tilson Santana, are accompanied by an excellent cast of musicians. There are 10 songs presented on the album and each track are unique in song and lyrics. Tracks from the album that really stand out include, ‘Coração Nyahbingi’, ‘A Vida É Bela Pra Quem Sabe Amar’ and ‘Riska Na Pista’.

IRIE Magazine invites you to discover the Bahian reggae phenomenon… Diamba! We promise you that when you put on a Diamba song, you will be transported to Bahia! Respeito!