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Only You

“Chaddy Royal’s distinctive sound and elevating message is on the verge of re-exposing the world to true original reggae.”


Growing up in ethnically diverse Crown Heights, this Brooklyn native was exposed to all kinds of music. However, at the time, hip hop played a dominant role in terms of his influence. Every young kid growing up in Brooklyn’s inner city either wanted to hustle or become a basketball player or famous rapper. If it weren’t for Chaddy Royal and his family moving to Baltimore in 2000, this could have been the same outcome for him. Moving to Baltimore turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it is the very place where Chaddy’s love for Conscious Reggae was born. 

In 2002 Chaddy found himself researching the life of Haile Selassie and his teachings. His desire to live a more conscious lifestyle was sparked through listening to roots music and conscious dancehall.

Inspired by what he was learning, he began to grow his loc’s and change his diet. It was in his room that he practiced and developed his unique style and flow over Dub instrumentals by King Tubby, Augustus Pablo, and Lee “Scratch” Perry to name a few. This ultimately progressed into his love of writing and chanting lyrics.

Prior to becoming a recording artist, Chaddy Royal expressed his words through poetry. Watching the movie ‘Slam’ starring spoken wordsmith Saul Williams, ignited Chaddy to start writing and sharing his gift with the world. While attending college Chaddy decided to join a poetry team, an experience that prepared him for performing in front of large audiences. Eventually his love for writing poetry transitioned into song writing. 
In a time where deception within politics and the media is running rampant, Chaddy decided to use his music as a weapon to counteract the brainwashing. “My primary aim is to make people feel the lyrics, the emotion and bring awareness to the topic being conveyed” he explains.
In October 2010, Chaddy decided to take a giant step in pursuing his music career by traveling to South Africa. While there, he recorded his debut album ‘The Awakening’ executive-produced by Bereket Tafari aka ‘Riddim Yut’. The album features 16 tracks including poetry from highly respected spoken word artist Afurakan and was recorded at Gontji Production Studio. Some popular tracks from the album are ‘Jah Jah Lives Within I’, ‘Kill Them With Kindness’, ‘Why Why Why’, ‘Strong And Courageous’ and ‘I’ll Never Roam.’ 

In 2012, Chaddy released his second project, the ‘Universoul Rebel EP’. This album includes 11 tracks of UK style steppers and dub music. The EP features songs such as ‘Warriaz’, ‘Keep And Care’ and ‘Stress Free.’ An official video for the song ‘Keep And Care’ was released in late 2012 and consists of a who’s who of talented Baltimore area poets, DJ’s, artists and more. Rastafari Elders Irice (a childhood friend of Bob Marley) and Brother Jack (former drummer for Ras Michael & The Suns Of Negus) also made cameo appearances in the music video.

Chaddy currently has a new music video out entitled ‘Only You’, filmed and directed by Ras Tre, a talented Baltimore award-winning film maker. He is also working on some new material and possibly a new album to be released sometime during the course of this year. Chaddy Royal is definitely someone to keep your eye on!